2017 Online Informal Review Portal

The Online Informal Review Portal provides property owners an opportunity to have a property review without attending an in-person Informal Review. This portal allows you to electronically submit information regarding your property from the convenience of your own home.

This portal is not for requesting an in-person Informal Review. To request an in-person Informal Review please call (937) 225-5096.

Please read the following instructions before continuing to the Online Informal Review Portal.

You will need to provide the following in order to complete your Online Informal Review.
  • Parcel Number (this can be found on your Property Value Notice)
  • Phone Number
  • Valid Email Address
  • A reason(s) for submitting your Online Informal Review
  • Your opinion of value
  • Any comments you have about your property for this review
You may attach any documentation regarding your property including a recent appraisal, a recent sales contract, photographs of the property, and any other documentation you deem necessary for this review.